Smooth Talker Guitars is a website dedicated to providing guitarists both young and old lessons. This is all so you can master the arts of playing the guitar with or without existing experience. 

I, Susan Camarena, am the owner of this website. Just like you, I have committed myself to learn guitar myself. But after seeing thousands of resources of guitar lessons, both physical and digital, I noticed that they lack in some aspect. 

It may be that they lack communication to users or their lessons are their lessons are a bit lacking. So I made this website and compiled lessons from different resources. 

This website offers a myriad of perks to our visitors. We have a lot of lessons that cater to the needs of both beginners and veterans. 

We make sure that these lessons are easy to understand without compromising the value that it can bring. 

If you think this website sounds good for you, remember that this IS made for you! You may subscribe to Smooth Talker Guitars to get updates to our latest content.