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The SmoothTalker is simply different

Looks different. Sounds different.

The unique SmoothTalker design is the result of an on-going process of intense experimentation that started with the 1988 prototype and it offers some distinctive qualities.


  • Easy left hand access to the top frets on the fingerboard
  • Tone that is totally different from anything else
  • Excellent balance from string to string and note to note
  • Very loud acoustic sound and huge projection
  • Highly restricted feedback when plugged in, even at high volume

Heirlooms Music

Guitar Gallery

"This is an entirely new design for the steel string guitar that not only looks very avante garde, it WORKS! Mervyn Davis has brilliantly crafted the SmoothTalker models and they run the gamut from nylon string to baritone." Robin Weber

Vintage & Rare

Guitar Tex

Dream Guitars

"Mervyn Davis is doing something new and exciting, his smooth talker guitars have a clear and powerful voice and offer a unique choice for the modern player. While these are very artistic make no mistake these are serious guitars with serious tone. Davis Guitars offer a fresh design with great playability and tone. From South Africa to you..." - Paul Heumiller


Luthiers Mercantile International

“You enjoy a great and growing reputation in the United States as one of the world’s most innovative luthiers.” - Chris Herrod

Gruhn Guitars

“The SmoothTalker guitars made by Mervyn Davis are some of the most innovative guitars I have ever encountered. While virtually all acoustic guitars can be categorized as classical, flat top steel string, arch top or resonator models, the SmoothTalker is ‘none of the above’. Not only is the SmoothTalker structurally and visually unique but it has a voice of its own. While they are highly non-traditional in almost every respect’ they offer visual appeal, playability and sound on a level I find inspiring.” - George Gruhn